5 tips for powerful display cases

Here are five tips to make your display cases more attractive:

Target audience.

The display case should be placed according to the type of consumer that you want to attract. Therefore, it is convenient to analyze the public to offer products that interest the clients. If the segment is young fashion, for example, the ideal is to use aspects that demonstrate dynamism and boldness.


The showcase is a perfect alternative to make a difference to other businesses. For the public that prefers to save, it is important to highlight the price of the product. But if your business is aimed at the public that has a better financial status, the price is of secondary importance.

Choose your products.

Always choose the most attractive products to motivate purchases. To be successful in the selection, look at the products that are most sold and that indicate the positioning of the store.

Update the products.

Consumers are increasingly looking for new features. Therefore, if the display case remains the same for a long time, it is likely that customers get bored and look for news in other stores. The ideal is that the pieces are changed weekly, to make the showcase more interesting.

Commercial dates.

Take advantage of the most important dates, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, to create thematic decorations for your display cases.

If you need help choosing your next Display Case, contact us, we will gladly assist you.

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