Cell phone kiosk and sales!

Cell phone kiosk is always a great investment option. However, on many occasions we encounter certain ups and downs due to the abundance of these. So today we’ll give you some tips on how to be different and sell more:

Put up screens

If you plan to make a big investment, this is an excellent option. Screens will help people get distracted for a moment but later we’ll tell you how and where to place them of your cell phone kiosk.

Set up information kiosks

In them you will be able to advertise exclusively and make known what kind of services you offer. Thanks to this, they will easily get close to your business. You can even make them interactive.

Add a place for pets in your cell phone kiosk

Many times people bring their pets for a walk and have nowhere to leave them. It’s an excellent option to set up a special place. But, remember to put things where de animals can drink water!

Add chairs and tables

This may be optional but would be perfect for placing screens. You can place them right in front of each table and place interactive games. Above all it’s commodity! Plus, your kiosk will have a great look!

Offer drinks and snacks

It’s always a good idea and you generate extra income by doing this. You could even create your own dishes. As a result, your costumers will be happy!

great cell phone kiosks
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