Save your collection of action figures in a showcase

Be it the Star figures Wars or the busts of Captain America, the collectors of action figures have been buying and saving figures of their favorite characters for decades.

It is clear that having a place to store a precious collection, years of dedication and great investment, is what many collectors need. So, what they are requiring is a storage unit with the option of vertical space organization and maximization. In ‘ Display Case Depot ‘ we have what every collector needs. Next, we will give you valuable tips to save your collection.

Why do I need to take care of my collection of action figures?

The material from which the action figures are made is not indestructible, with time they will begin to show signs of deterioration.


The paint can start to come off, the plastic can become discolored or filled with dust, dirt and dust can accumulate and ruin everything.

The most dangerous enemies of your action figures are the following:

Direct sunlight:

A lot of direct sunlight can cause the plastic to fade or stain.


Intense heat and direct sunlight can cause the plastic to become soft and deformed.


too much moisture can cause the paint in the action figure to peel and fade, can cause the decals to fall off and the joints to loosen, making your figures have difficulty maintaining their poses.

Dirt and dust:

dirt and the natural oils of your fingers can cause a buildup of dirt on your figures if you touch them too much. Although the dust does not hurt your action figure, it can accumulate and make them look bad

Enjoy your collection!

Following these useful tips you can enjoy your collection of action figures for much longer, make them more striking when you show them to your friends and maintain or increase their value if you want to sell it in the future.

In Display Case Depot we are the best option in showcases that allow you to control the temperature and humidity of your environment. Call us and we will advise you.